The experience was very powerful…

The experience was very powerful for me. I felt incredible energy and visually experienced many different colors while Kyle was working on me. I am seeking relief from chronic back pain. I realize that there are a lot of factors involved with my physical pain. I was feeling weighed down by stress, anxiety and pessimism. Following my sessions, I’m already seeing positive changes in my life… including more patience, love, creativity and happiness. I would recommend this experience to everyone. I am very frugal, but considering how helpful Kyle has been during this process, I believe it is worth every cent.

Ezequiel Borgese - New York

I was very skeptical…

I was very skeptical about Reiki therapy, but it was suggested to me to help decrease stress and worry. I received a private session and a distance session. Following the sessions, I felt more relaxed and at ease. In addition, I was able to sleep better immediately after the session. Kyle did a good job explaining the sessions in terms I could understand. Based on these experiences, I would consider having additional sessions.

Paula Sharon - New York

Fantastic experience…

Fantastic experience. Amazed at the level of energy I felt after my sessions. Highly recommend this energy healing. Kyle is professional, patient and was very intuitive to my needs.

Anahita Manii- Virginia

I will definitely do more…

I had no idea what to expect about an energy healing session especially a remote one but I can honestly say that during my session I could feel certain things happening but I had no clue what it was! Afterwards I spoke with Kyle about my session and expressed my feelings during the session and he explained everything to me so I could understand and it was shocking the feelings and answers were so on target. I will definitely do more remote sessions and I would also recommend Kyle to anyone! This experience changed my mind to look at things differently and to feel my feelings more!

Kim Ohl - Louisiana

I have had several remote sessions…

I have had several remote sessions with Kyle. The level of energy during the sessions is amazing. Right after the sessions, Kyle takes the time to explain what I felt during the sessions and also offers some simple techniques to cope with the feelings.The sessions with Kyle help have helped me stay grounded and focused. I would highly recommend energy healing sessions with Kyle!

Bhavna Ajwani - New Jersey

This was my first experience…

I had a series of energy sessions with Kyle that included private in-person sessions and remote sessions. This was my first experience with energy healing and I was not sure what to expect from the experiences. Kyle’s approach and demeanor immediately put me at ease where I was relaxed and open to the experiences. Immediately following the sessions, I felt more relaxed and at peace, as well as having more energy like my battery had been charged. The sessions have helped me to heal and improve some strained family relationships. In addition, I feel that I am able to see life’s challenges in a different way and make better decisions. I highly recommend energy healing sessions by Kyle Daniel. I did not realize that I needed the energy healing until after I had the sessions and looked back on the positive changes I have made in my life which I believe were directly impacted by my energy sessions.

John David - Florida

I am planning on having another session.

I received my first in-person energy session and felt it was very helpful. Before the session began everything was explained to me. At the time I was having some emotional issues and did not quiet know how to handle them. I felt the session put me at ease and help me see what direction I needed to go in my life. I am planning on having another session.

Kimberly Wigman- New York

My headaches were less frequent and severe.

I went to see Kyle due to debilitating headaches secondary to brain surgery that caused disruptions in my personal life and ability to work. After 5 sessions my headaches were less frequent and severe. After each session, I would feel calmer and more hopeful. I highly recommend Kyle for anyone seeking any type of pain relief.

Mary Beth Holland- New York

I am able to sleep thru the night…

I suffer from exhaustion due to long hours with my stressful career which keeps me from sleeping thru the nights. Kyle worked on me several times for sleep disorder and ailing heart. After a session with him, I am able to sleep thru the night peacefully. In turn, my exhaustion dissipates. In addition, he has helped my heart with Bioenergy and burden clearings. A rare ability! Every time Kyle has worked on me, I got better! Kyle is truly a unique and gifted healer and I look forward to more sessions if need be in my future.

Kindra Predmore- New Jersey

Absolutely extraordinary.

I have had many different kinds of healing in my eighty years– but never anything to compare with the Bioenergetic treatments given to me by Kyle. As a result of 4 treatments, my neck tension and pain right hip completely disappeared. What strikes me most surprising, is the emotional clearings that he was able to clear within minutes. Absolutely extraordinary. It is evident that Kyle is a gifted healer to begin with, but I had never experienced anything like the relief and the release from his treatments.

(Rev) Janet Hariton - New York

I received 4 healing sessions

I received 4 healing sessions in person and 1 distance session. The treatments addressed a multitude of issues ranging from chronic headaches, fatigue, pain, and leg weakness associated with Multiple Sclerosis. The overall effect of the treatments have mitigated MS symptoms, improved overall energy and significantly reduced headache pain. It is evident how dedicated and how much Kyle cares about his clients.

Jennifer Lerman - New York

I can say that everything was true…

I had heard great things about Kyle’s energy healing and had to experience it myself. I can say that everything was true. I found him to be extremely kind, professional, and patient. He was able to heal deep rooted issues that I never told him about. After each session, I was calmer and refreshed like a weight was lifted. Kyle has helped me, but he truly has a gift. I encourage you to seek him out with any sort of physical or emotional concerns.

Michael Benzinger- New York

I highly recommend Kyle.

I was blessed to hear that Kyle was offering energy sessions. I had been experiencing severe stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Following my sessions, I have seen improvements with my stress and anxiety. I have also seen increased confidence in my ability to handle personal issues. I highly recommend Kyle.

Audra Hawtin- New Jersey

Kyle is a very caring person.

Kyle is a very caring person. He is honest and genuine. It’s very natural that people trust him at what he does. He has a certain energy beyond our understanding. He has helped my wife and I in healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Kyle is such a blessing in our lives.

Ben and Laura Adduru - Pennsylvania

I was pleasantly surprised…

Kyle was very professional, and has an authentic gift. With my busy schedule, I was pleasantly surprised that my session could be done remotely, how accurate he was, how much value he added, and how great I felt after. I highly recommend his service for a wide range of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual needs. It’s worth it!

Bonni Raderman- Colorado

He is very thoughtful…

I’ve now had the wonderful experience of remote and in-person sessions with Kyle. He is very thoughtful in approach and manner, and takes great care to provide context before each session, as well as follow up recommendations. I would highly suggest working with Kyle for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practices or mindfulness. Thanks Kyle!

Ieisha Gray- Washington DC